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The Supply Side of The On-Demand Economy

26 senior executives of marketplace based businesses came together for an event hosted by The On-Demand Economy and General Atlantic on October 1st, 2014 at The Lion restaurant in NYC. During the dinner, these industry leaders conversed about how they are approaching the fundamental questions of maintaining a delightful, trust-based experience through training, feedback and transparency.  Featured guests Josh Mohrer, NYC GM of Uber, and Wrede Petersmeyer, NYC GM of Airbnb, shared insights on a variety of best practices related to employment policies, consistency of service, and the regulatory environment.

Topics of discussion included:

  • The evolution of marketplaces from the late 1990′s to today
  • Common supply-side pain points in scaling marketplace businesses
  • The ideal employment model – W2 or 1099
  • Key factors contributing to delightful, consistent service-levels
  • How to provide the best experience for workers to improve performance and retention
  • Opportunities to collaborate to ensure a stable, high-quality workforce

We were honored to host the following guests for the evening:

  • Josh Mohrer, Uber – NYC GM
  • Wrede Petersmeyer, Airbnb – NYC GM
  • Jed Kleckner, – CEO
  • Aditya Shah,  Instacart – NY GM
  • Melody McCloskey, StyleSeat – CEO
  • Bradford Shellhammer, Design Scout/ – Co-Founder
  • Samer Hamadeh, Zeel – CEO
  • Sam Rosen, MakeSpace – CEO
  • Kellee Khalil, Loverly – CEO
  • Dave Goldweitz, Glamsquad – COO
  • Tanya Menendez, Maker’s Row – COO & Co-Founder
  • Serge Kassardjian, Google – Head of Android North America BD, East
  • James Queen, Shyp – NY GM
  • Gavrielle Braguy, WunWun – GM
  • Leslie Picker, Bloomberg
  • Josh Barro, NY Times
  • Cristina Alesci, CNN
  • Luciano Cheng, Benny – CTO & Co-Founder
  • Michael Kopko, Oscar – Head of BD
  • Zachary Kaplan, General Atlantic
  • Tim Cook, General Atlantic
  • Chris Schultz, Kung Fu
  • Stephen Milbank, Button – Head of Finance, co-founder The On-Demand Economy
  • Mike Jaconi, Button - CEO , co-founder The On-Demand Economy
  • Tanner Hackett, Button – Head of Ops, co-founder The On-Demand Economy
  • Mike Dudas, Button – CRO, co-founder The On-Demand Economy
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