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Redpoint / Sherpa On-Demand Dinner

Redpoint Ventures and Sherpa Ventures graciously hosted 26 prominent executives from across the on-demand services landscape. It was the first event that The On-Demand Economy has organized in San Francisco, the breeding ground for dozens of exciting digital marketplaces that are challenging the way that goods and services of all types are accessed and consumed.

It was an honor to have two pioneering leaders of the on-demand space, Shervin Pishevar and Ryan Sarver, share their experiences. These veterans, along with their colleagues from Sherpa Ventures and Redpoint Ventures, helped guide fascinating discourse on some of the most pressing topics in the industry today. The diversity of services represented, stages of businesses, and domain expertise of the participants fostered lively conversation on the following topics:

  • How can we ensure that all stakeholders benefit from the growth and success of diverse on demand models, including different employment classification and service fulfillment models?

  • What is the proper relationship between the service providers and these new digital marketplaces? Does another employment classification make sense?

  • How do you incentivize world class customer service at every touchpoint?

  • What are new market launch best practices from the perspective of some of the fastest growing businesses in the world?

  • What are the best new channels for customer acquisition, and how do those perform relative to traditional paid advertising?

  • How do you view incumbent businesses: potential partners or competitive threats?

  • What are some of the benefits of collaboration / partnerships with incumbent businesses?

  • How has the dialogue changed between brands and other strategic partners over the last 12 months given the meteoric growth of the industry?

  • How do you engender loyalty in these highly competitive markets?

Attendees included CEOs, founders and top executives from:

Airbnb, BloomThat, Button, Cue, Hotel Tonight, Instacart, Redpoint Ventures, Sherpa Ventures, Sprig, Shyp, Managed by Q, Math Crunch, Munchery, TaskRabbit, Uber, Walmart Labs



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