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About Us

We support the businesses that are redefining commerce around the world

Why We Exist

We are experiencing a revolution enabled by new technologies and shifting consumer habits, spurring “The On-Demand Economy.” Mobile businesses are rapidly changing industries, cities, and the expectations of consumers. We believe mobile spending will represent the fastest and most transformational shift in consumer spending seen in history.

What We Do

We provide an unbiased platform to meet influential industry participants, collaborate with like-minded businesses, address collective issues, and provide access to research and data. Discover, celebrate, and learn from this innovative new industry that is redefining commerce by making lives around the world easier and more convenient.

Advisory Council

  • Tanner Hackett
    Tanner HackettAdvisor
  • Mike Dudas
    Mike DudasAdvisor
  • Mike Jaconi
    Mike JaconiAdvisor

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