Delivery 2.0: Learning from The Past, Delivering the Future

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Delivery 2.0: Learning from The Past, Delivering the Future

18 industry leaders were invited to a dinner hosted by The On-Demand Economy and Silicon Valley Bank on September 15, 2014 at Freemans restaurant in NYC. During the dinner, founders and executives from on-demand services of the past and future had an open dialogue around the evolution of logistics, marketing, and technology since the on-demand 1.0 era (circa 2000). These e-commerce and m-commerce experts explored best practices, pain points, and common questions associated with this rapidly evolving industry. Featured guest Matt Higgins, CEO of RSE Ventures, shared insights from his time at Kozmo and what specific things today’s Delivery 2.0 companies can do differently to maximize the opportunity for success.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Factors that led to the failure of Kozmo, Webvan and other Delivery 1.0 companies and what lessons can be drawn from the mis-steps
  • How to build and grow a profitable on-demand delivery business
  • The key factors contributing to the explosive growth of on-demand economy businesses
  • Keys to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in on-demand delivery
  • The critical challenges that keep founders and executives awake at night
  • How to provide the best experience for workers to improve service and retention
  • Useful customer acquisition channels
  • Trends in unit economics of on-demand delivery
  • How to develop a differentiated product and avoid commoditization
  • What large companies are positioned well to compete with Delivery 2.0 upstarts

We were honored to host the following guests for the evening:

  • Matt Higgins, RSE Ventures - CEO
  • Jed Kleckner, - CEO
  • Nick Taranto, Plated - CEO
  • Noah Glass, OLO – CEO
  • Jason Richelson, ShopKeep – CEO
  • Chris Siragusa, MaxDelivery – CEO
  • Spencer Wong, - VP Product
  • Aditya Shah, Instacart - NY GM
  • James Queen, Shyp – NY GM
  • Liesl Chang, Zipments – GM
  • Ben Luban, GrubHub Seamless – VP of BD
  • Daniel Brady, WunWun – Lead Data Scientist
  • Leslie Picker, Bloomberg
  • Mike Jaconi, Button – CEO, co-founder The On-Demand Economy
  • Mike Dudas, Button – CRO, co-founder The On-Demand Economy
  • Tanner Hackett, Button – Head of Ops, co-founder The On-Demand Economy
  • Regina Chien, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Andrew Montgomery, Silicon Valley Bank

The next On-Demand Economy event is scheduled for Wednesday, October 1, 2014. We will be discussing “The Supply Side of the Sharing + On-Demand Economy” with co-hosts Josh Mohrer, Uber – NYC GM, and Wrede Petersmeyer, Airbnb – NYC GM.



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