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On-Demand Facts: Influencers Dinner Packet

On-Demand Economy – Influencers Dinner Packet from The On-Demand Economy

14 industry leaders were invited to The On-Demand Economy Influencers Dinner on 7/1/14, during which this research was shared and deliberated. The document spurred some interesting dialogue around the pain points, market opportunities, and trends related to this rapidly evolving industry.

We also outlined the goals of the organization, which include the following:

  • Connecting businesses with similar objectives/challenges
  • Sharing knowledge among well-respected mobile commerce leaders
  • Building awareness for the brands and services in the On-Demand Economy through PR, events, and content creation/aggregation
  • Advocating the interests of the On-Demand Economy with respect to relevant technical organizations, labor groups, government agencies, and affiliated services
  • Performing research and aggregating data on behalf of the member companies

The next event is tentatively scheduled for the week of August 25th. Let us know if you are interested in attending.

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